Our partnerships are what power our success, and each one is built on mutual trust – with landowners, developers, and power off-takers.

Our partners gravitate towards us because of our track record. We deliver renewable energy projects that are commercially successful and provide immediate positive impacts.



Do you own a relatively flat landholding sized 50 acres or more? We deliver renewable energy projects that complement agriculture. We offer the most competitive land rates in the market providing you with secure reliable income for up to 40 years

Our rapid and effective assessment process gives a clear answer upfront about your site’s feasibility for renewable energy project development.

Landowners appreciate that we’re their single point of contact. We advocate for them and their land for the lifetime of the contract.


Are you in dialogue with landowners? We work with companies like yours to bring renewable energy projects to market faster, and with lower cost of capital, thanks to our parent company Alternus Energy Group plc.

Our sister companies in Alternus include developers and operators who construct and operate projects we develop. But we also partner with developers around the world in our active markets.

Discover how our 20-year track record in delivering clean energy projects means lower risk and better margins for everyone involved.


Our contracts provide low-cost power from renewable energy installations that are built and operated with care for the environment. We’re part of Alternus Energy Group plc, an international independent power producer operating across Europe and the US.

We work with power-intensive industries to deliver clean, cost-competitive energy for the long term — so you achieve certainty of supply and meet your commitment to cut emissions.

Our track record includes the first solar power purchase agreement in Poland. Learn more about our markets and portfolio or get in touch to discuss your needs.